New in Our Shop

“On the Car” Brake Rotor Resurfacing

Brake rotor resurfacing has been around a long time, since about the mid 1960’s when disc brakes started becoming standard fare on automobiles. Most shops would purchase a brake lathe in order to service brakes that had disc rotors to produce a premium finish on their brake jobs. Refinishing the rotors guarantees a better contact area to dissipate heat and to stop the vehicle, also reducing or eliminating brake pulsations. Early on these lathes were stationary mounted in the shop, the rotors were taken off the car, machined and placed back on the vehicle. With the advent of hub and bearing mounted rotors this task became impossible to do without destroying the bearings and some very expensive adapters for the brake lathe. Hence the introduction of the “on the car” brake lathe. This machine allows the technician the ability to resurface the rotors directly on the car with an added benefit: the lathe will now account for run out and imperfections in the car’s hub and bearing components.

Below you can see our latest upgrade, the Pro-Cut Brake Saver rotor matching service.